Aiming for a Jolly July

Today I’m going to be sharing some ways in which I’m trying to make this month a happy and mentally-good one πŸ™‚

Yes I have a sheep calendar because sheep are the best ok! (The guy at the till really judged me when I bought it though but I was like “you’re selling it” haha!)

1) Being more proactive about my worries.

When I start to feel my tummy twisting about something I’m trying to immediately jump into action-mode by writing down the actions I can take to solve the problem. So as long as I follow my plan of attack then I have no need to worry as I’m doing all I can to sort it. This makes me feel much more in control of the situation as well as freeing up my brain because I know what I have to do and no more worrying about it will help.

2) Tackling bad body image.

Photo by Jude Stevens on

Summer time is infamously a time when we become more aware of our weight and body shape as an increase in temperature calls for a decrease in layers and lengths of clothing. A few ways I’m trying to combat bad body image are:

  1. Making my Instagram a more body-positive place. My favourite Instagram accounts for giving me some body-positive content are @ambardriscoll who has also founded @bambycollective which aims to give advice to and inspire young women. Both accounts feature lots of posts on the topic of body positivity and I think it’s even more amazing that a model is talking so openly about this topic and sharing photos of herself to remind us that she is human! I’m so here for seeing some realness on Instagram and the more we see normal bodies rather than posed and contorted ones, the more we’ll realise that actually very few of the population have this “perfect body” that we’re striving for, and that we’re not at all alone in rolling into bed at night with our stomach looking slightly pregnant!
  2. Buying new clothes that fit. Recently it’s been heating up in the UK so out came the shorts, but to my dismay I found that I could just about squeeze into my shorts from last summer. This resulted in some self-loathing and a crisis about whether I should give up eating my daily lockdown baking creations or whether that would just be more depressing than anything (because what is life without cake?!!) I eventually caught myself on after venting to a friend and decided to go order some clothes that fit and I feel comfortable and confident in. Also retail therapy has always been my favourite type of therapy so it was a win-win situation! It can sometimes be hard to accept that our weight will fluctuate with life but as long as you’re healthy you should not punish yourself for it. Remember your weight will fluctuate but your worth will not.

3) Doing and creating when I find myself living in my head too much.

I’m a pretty deep thinker and so having a lot of time on my hands can often lead me down the rabbit hole. Since exams have finished I’ve become increasingly aware of this and so whenever I catch myself beyond overthinking I now try to dive into something creative such as writing, drawing, or colouring. My favourite thing at the moment is putting my thoughts into poems (check out ones I wrote on overthinking here). Even if I never share them with anyone else, I find the process extremely therapeutic and find that creating something brings me back to Earth a bit.

This beautiful adult colouring book is Art for Mindfulness – Landscapes. I love the different quotes that accompany each picture!

4) Letting go of what others may think.

I struggle with this in every aspect of my life and I’d say that it’s probably the source of most of my worries. So the healthier mentality of focussing on what I think of me rather than what others think, is one that I am constantly trying to adopt and remind myself of.

5) Enjoying the now and the opportunities that come with this month.

I’m definitely guilty of spending the year dreaming of the summer holidays but then when they actually roll around I start wishing I was back at uni. Then after the first week of returning to uni I wish I hadn’t wished away the summer that I’d so wished for and start wishing for the next summer and repeat the process. Basically I really need to focus on enjoying the here and now and fully appreciate all the things this particular period allows me to do. For example, I actually have time now to binge watch The Vampire Diaries, play board games with my parents, have really long video call conversations with friends, go outside and walk my socks off in nature without concerning myself with deadlines and exams which allows much more room for observing nature and imagination. Like yesterday when on a walk at the beach, I noticed for the first time that seagulls walk like they’re wearing high heels, and that there are some sea birds with beaks so long that when standing on the shore patiently waiting for their next meal to be washed towards them, they don’t even need to bend down to catch it! My time is limited and so I don’t want to wish it away. I want to embrace every season of life, both the busy times and the times when we can put our feet up for a bit.

This rabbit is the level of relaxed I’m determined to one day achieve!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please share any goals you have for July in the comments. I hope you all have a lovely summer, even though it’s not exactly the 2020 summer we all had in mind at Christmas!

Take care,

Emma πŸ™‚

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