Two short poems on overthinking

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

I’ve recently taken to putting my thoughts into verse as I actually find it rather therapeutic and a bit of fun so enjoy! 🙂 (P.S. I know I’m no poet but why not show it haha)

Trouble in my Bubble

My mind is troubled,

I feel like I’m in a bubble,

All these thoughts make me want to bend back double,

So that maybe they’ll seep out into a puddle,

Oh what a muddle.

Such quantity of thoughts,

My mind is not the size,

I fear my head will capsize,

Or the thoughts will shoot out of my eyes,

Wouldn’t that be quite the surprise for all the passers-by,

Let alone to see what was going on inside,

But to see my thoughts fly high!

Oh imagine if they knew of the riot in my mind,

They would not think me wise,

Am I?

Get in line

Get in line,

For I do not have the time,

I am trying to prioritise,

I need to focus,

Stop acting like a locust,

If only I could expel you with a, “hocus pocus!”

Why must you stay here,

There’s no room at the inn,

If only our minds had a bin :/

Published by shestooblessed4stress

University student chatting and exploring all things mental health :)

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