Just gonna go for it! ahhh

Hey! 🙂 So this is a bit daunting…(I’m also just realising how hard I find it to write without emojis and as far as I know I need to upgrade my plan to get them so I’m just gonna have to get used to this!)

Welcome to my first blog post! Exciting times 😀 Today is my 20th birthday so I decided I’m going to adult-up and stop dreaming and start doing, hence this blog. To have a blog where I can talk about mental health and tips on managing it has been a dream of mine for a while. I have struggled quite a bit with anxiety throughout my teen years and it unfortunately came to a peak during the final year of doing my A levels. Then just as I started getting back to my old self during the summer after my exams I had to make the big jump to uni! As someone who had a history of having to go home from overnight school trips and sleepovers in my early teens, my confidence with staying away from home had been greatly knocked but determination knows no bounds! I had fallen in love with the university and the city when I visited it and therefore was determined to not let my anxiousness prevent me from attending.

However, as you’ve probably already pre-empted, my move away from home and adaptation to university life wasn’t all plain sailing. I did manage to make great friends and get good results in my coursework but I was completely consumed with anxious thoughts. Fast forward to now, I’m in my second year and have had an absolute blast! (even though it has sadly been cut short by coronavirus) I therefore want to document my journey from being a homesick girl begging her parents to let her come home, to being fully settled at university and wishing I could be there now with my chemistry friends and the best housemates 🙂

I’m still working on a few things like managing exam and deadline stress and so these topics will inevitably also feature in my posts! My uni exams for this year have been moved online and even though they are open-book I’m still getting myself too worked up about them and am trying very hard to keep it all in perspective. As L. M. Montgomery writes in one of my favourite books, Anne of Green Gables, “the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail….or not.” Although I do find myself feeling a bit like Anne who says to this, “I think I’d rather it didn’t go on if I failed!”

So to summarise, my blog posts will most probably cover:

– settling in at uni away from home

-dealing with obsessive thinking and anxious thoughts and not letting them stop you from living!

-coping with exams and deadlines

-other random topics such as self-love, body image, getting over embarrassment, and many other teenage trials and tribulations that I am happy to see the other side of! 🙂

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University student chatting and exploring all things mental health :)

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